Mental Health Services

The Muslim Community Care Foundation provides counselling services for a number of issues. These can include but are not limited to the issues listed below.

MCCF Counselling Options

Counselling topics are never-ending. They can include but are not limited to issues around pre-marital topics, marriage challenges, addictions, anxiety, depression, spiritual and Islamic struggles.

With this in mind we are offering counselling services to the following:



When a woman is not at her best the entire village suffers. It is important to bring forth resources to our women so that they can be the backbone of our families. We face puberty, struggles with pregnancy, pressures to get married, post-partum, depression, and personal insecurities just to name a few.



Society pressures men to be hard and emotionless. They should not need to seek help or advice. We are working towards breaking this stereotype. Men should have a place to go to be able to talk about their problems and emotions. Depression, self-esteem, self-pressure and fatherhood are just a few areas to feel supported in. Our certified life coach’s tactical approach brings clarity, direction, and positive support that will move you in the direction of your highest priorities and goals.



The youth in our society deal with a lot. They deal with pressures from parents, peer and society. The have access to the world wide web in a way that older generations didn’t. They are exposed to bullying, social pressures, racism, identity issues and so much more. We are committed to helping our youth navigate the complex world we live in and give them tools to clarify their path.

Healing Circles/Community Connection


Holding healing circles is an important part of many different cultures. The purpose is to bring women together in solidarity and support. There are various topics that can be covered but one of our main focus is islamophobia and the effect it has on women. Another very important and prominent focus will be racism and how it effects Muslims. It is so vital that we as women make connections with each other where individuals can call on one another to hold space and shared experiences. 

Religious Counselling

When Islamic teachings and values are absent in our life, our spiritual along with our mental well-being is severely impaired resulting in problems arising not just with ourselves but with those around us. Recognizing, accepting, addressing, and rectifying these issues is what Islamic Counselling aims to achieve.
Counselling from an Islamic perspective entails combing faith-based principles from the Holy Quran and the Prophetic way with principles of psychology to facilitate positive changes in our lives.

Support Groups


Support groups are beneficial in order to bring awareness and education. Some of the topics we will cover in our support groups are gang and drug involvement by our youth and the effect it has on their families.

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