MCCF Education Programs

The Muslim Community Care Foundation has several education programs available for everyone including Religious, Activities, Workshops, and Disability oriented programs.

MCCF Education Programs

In the scope of education, Islamic education is very important for school students, even small children before entering the world of school also need to be given Islamic education so that when children enter the world of education, they will get used to it and they only need to add and implement it in everyday life. In the current era, Islamic education is very much needed for students, because with this modern era there are many negative impacts among students, for example, elementary school children who have smoked, dating and others, by instilling Islam in students and good direction then the students will avoid the negative effects of modern times.

Islam is a way of life, if there no religion in us and our lives, then life will be disorganized, and we will feel anxiety because there are no guidelines, in religion everything has been arranged in the Qur’an and hadiths, starting from the intention of the heart, worship, behavior, education, buying and selling or the economy, social. As explained in verse 255, Surah Al-Baqoroh.

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